We Position Campus Stores To Better Serve Their Customers.
Our store-centric approach enables our customers
to quickly adapt in a changing market.


TextbookGrid positions your bookstore to synchronize all of your operations, including POS, rentals, buyback, returns, pricing, textbook management, web and marketplace sales. Our unique approach lets your bookstore quickly adapt to the changing market, and our innovative solutions provides your bookstore a true competitive advantage.


Each term, more than half of all students buy or rent their textbooks online. Our proven online platform enables your bookstore to capture more market share by providing your students with the best possible online shopping experience. Once orders are placed, your staff can simultaneously process the order and notify the customer via automated notifications. Students can extend or buy-out rentals using their online account dashboard, or in-store at the counter.

Don't miss out on this significant and growing market segment; TextbookGrid's proven platform allows your bookstore to be open for business around the clock.


When it comes to textbook rentals, it's local bookstores that have the competitive advantage. Local bookstores enjoy better pricing, no shipping or affiliate marketing fees, lower merchant costs, and easy returns. TextbookGrid’s online and in-store rental platform allows you to leverage your bookstore’s competitive advantage and maximize financial returns.

Textbook Management

Most bookstore managers agree that finding textbook supply is harder than ever. TextbookGrid enables you to find the books you need, at a price that provides a competitive advantage to your bookstore.

Our Text Management solution lets you rapidly create want lists and issue requests for quote and purchase orders. We support electronic and manual communication with suppliers, and our Sequential Ordering process allows you to automate your bin & hold orders.

Give your bookstore a competitive advantage by sourcing your textbooks with TextbookGrid.


TextbookGrid provides pricing flexibility that lets your bookstore better respond to competition and increase sales. Our configurable pricing rules allow you to adopt virtually any pricing strategy. You can also override a specific textbook price by channel and transaction type.

With TextbookGrid's unique pricing capabilities, your books will always be priced to maximize your bookstore's potential.

Remote Locations

The most successful college bookstores are extending their services to additional locations outside of their bookstore to service more students. TextbookGrid allows you to conduct your operations outside the four walls of your bookstore in order to increase market share, compete locally, and provide greater convenience to your students.

Vendor Sponsored Inventory

Today's textbook pricing practices often do not reflect true market value; this fosters an ongoing game of “textbook hot potato” between the vendor, bookstore and student. TexbookGrid's Vendor Sponsored Inventory aligns the interests of all parties, which maximizes financial returns and lowers overall costs.

TexbookGrid allows bookstores to regain their inherent competitive advantage, and restores their ability to meet their core mandate – serving the needs of their students.

Vendor Sponsored Rentals

For today's campus stores, staying competitive is a challenge. Textbook rentals can solve this problem, but rentals often lead to cash flow and capital concerns. This situation forces campus stores to choose between pricing competitively or maintaining their vital relationship with students.

Vendor Sponsored Rentals allows your campus store to offer competitive pricing and a greater selection, all without making compromises.